Five Digital Marketing Predictions For 2022

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, especially since the onset of the pandemic. This means businesses and marketing professionals need to constantly follow trends and remain alert to changes to keep up and stay relevant. 

Let’s look at five digital marketing predictions for 2022 and how to adjust your marketing activities to the upcoming changes.

Five digital marketing predictions to be aware of 

  • Social commerce will become even bigger

In 2021, big retailers started to experiment with social commerce on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. This trend is expected to continue and grow in 2022 as brands seek to shorten the sales funnel from discovery to conversion. Social commerce also gives marketers an innovative way to get their products in front of brand-new audiences. 

To improve the social commerce experience, many businesses will also turn to artificial intelligence tools for digital process automation to provide automated responses to customer queries. This will, ultimately, enhance customer service satisfaction. 

  • User-generated content will reign  

Social media is still the main route to connect brands and consumers on the most exciting, engaging levels. But instead of having incredibly large budgets for content creation from scratch, brands will rely heavily on consumer-generated content. This is any form of content, including images, videos and text, posted by users online. This is valuable content because it serves as excellent social proof.

  • Video marketing will become essential 

The “mobile first” notion has been present for a few years now. But now, with even better connections and data plans, video streaming is easier and more convenient than ever before. People spend hours consuming video content on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. So, there’s no doubt that video marketing will again be one of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2022.

  • Experiences will become increasingly important 

As the advertising landscape becomes more crowded and noisier, word-of-mouth is becoming ever more crucial to make a breakthrough. But how do brands activate it among their audiences? By offering experiences. 

Experiences provide opportunities to try and test out products and services to earn social media word-of-mouth. Experiences can also include hybrid events where brands host occasions where they can strategically promote their offerings, provide valuable information or just network with potential buyers. 

  • Personalization will be key 

Personalization is going to play a major role in digital marketing in 2022. Rather than investing in catch-all content that hopes to appeal to as many people as it can, developing more specific advertising that caters to particular audiences will generate much better results. It’s also going to be important for marketers to tailor their marketing strategy in such a way that their audiences receive the personalized adverts at the right time and place to ensure engagement in an oversaturated landscape.

Be ready for change 

While you prepare your marketing goals for the new year, remember to stay flexible. The digital marketing space changes rapidly. By following trends and using proven data-driven analytics, you can enhance your conversions, boost brand loyalty, and improve customer retention.

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