How to do digital marketing for luxury brands 

It’s understandable why many luxury brands have been hesitant to move online. It’s not always easy to really capture the essence of a brand online, while online purchases can also take away from the true experience of luxury brand shopping. However, the internet now houses most luxury brands’ transactions and offer more opportunities for exposure. As a result, having an online presence is mandatory, even for very well-established luxury businesses specialising in significant purchases.

Digital Marketing Strategies For Luxury Brands

The strategies outlined below can provide useful inspiration, but it’s worth noting that the best strategies always come from identifying a strong goal and brainstorming clear brand-specific solutions.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

Good SEO practices are valuable for every business, including the competitive luxury brands industry. Giving Google and other search engines a good idea of what your brand offers is the best way to get your rankings up. Great SEO includes having a good keyword strategy, always updating content, adding strong internal links to websites and having a presence on different social media platforms. 

  • Telling A Story Through Great Content 

Google and other search engines prefer websites that feature content that is regularly updated. Ideally, content should be highly informative, promote your brand’s story, include keywords and feature quality images and video. A great example of content that can be regularly updated is having a blog. With this platform, you can share information daily or weekly. And no matter the type of content you prefer, extra value can also be extracted from content by promoting it via social media channels and newsletters.

  • Utilising Social Media

Ignoring social media is a big faux pas for luxury brands. The whole point of some social media platforms, such as Instagram, is to achieve exposure based specifically on aesthetic expertise. Keep in mind that luxury brands typically hold great visual qualities, so sharing aesthetically pleasing content can greatly promote your brand online.

  • Investing In A Good User Experience

Consumers want websites that are accessible on all the different devices they’re using. Therefore, it’s important to offer ease of navigation on mobile devices as well as desktops to ensure luxury brand shoppers stay on your website. 

  • Reaching Luxury Shoppers Through Facebook Ads

Thanks to the high level of targeting that you can do, Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful forms of online marketing. You can, for example, create ads specifically targeted to married 40-year-old males from Johannesburg who like the brands Rolex and Prada. You can also go a step further and target people by what university they attend, what their job title is, and much more.

  • Creating A Feeling Of Exclusivity 

Exclusivity is very important to luxury brand marketing as it keeps consumer desire through rarity. Exclusivity can be reached online by creating private member groups or loyalty perks that are reserved for previous customers.

  • Make It Personal 

To enhance the experience for luxury brand shoppers, it’s essential to keep the online experience personal. You can create newsletters addressed to customers by their name or send special promotions via mobile messages to customers.  In many ways, the luxury brands industry plays under different rules compared to the general goods section. And incorporating these rules into the internet can be a challenge. The right online marketing strategies for luxury brands are those that will make you stand out and be desired by big spenders. They typically have a keen eye for quality – but through a captivating story, using the right platforms, and creating a sense of scarcity, your luxury brand can stand out and soon be added to their wish list.

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