KEU’s “Fun-ancial” Services Solutions

Here at Republic Digital we pride ourselves in doing business with exceptional clients that are just as passionate about their industry, as we are about ours. Our financial portfolio is growing by the day, and we are eager to introduce you to one of our first clients that joined the RDC family, KEU Underwriting Managers.

Who is KEU, and why do we love working with them?

Aside from their incredibly friendly and professional team, their impeccable clients, and like most of us, they too had started from humble beginnings, they cater for a very unique market. KEU spesialises in a kaleidoscope of short-term insurance products focused on the entertainment and eventing industries, exclusively through brokers. Through their licensed and tailor-made non-life insurance solutions, underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited, KEU is dedicated to protecting role players in the entertainment industry, and to effectively mitigate their exposure to risk.

So whether you need cover for that “Hole-in-One”, or any other sporting events, festivals, film or television productions, KEU is your go-to solutions provider.

Thanks Denise and team for entrusting RDC with your brand, we love working with you! To find out more about KEU’s offerings, visit

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