Why digital marketing is just like dating

Dating can be a tricky thing. And it’s not often that you meet the ‘right one’ on the very first date. From “putting yourself out there” to slowly building trust, it’s a process that takes time. 

Digital marketing is a lot like dating. If you’re struggling to see the similarities, let’s explain: 

4 ways dating is just like digital marketing

  • Putting The Best Out There 

When dating, you want to showcase your best features in the hopes of catching the attention of the most suitable partner. Similarly, digital marketing requires that you promote the best parts of your business to the right audience. 

  • It’s trial and error

Anyone that has spent some time dating, has a messy story and it’s usually few and far between finding the right partner. Luckily, everyone learns lessons along the way. And just like dating often involves a few tries, digital marketing also involves a lot of trial and error; some strategies and platforms work well, while others don’t. 

  • Being real

You don’t want to go on a date with someone who looks nothing like their picture or have lied on their dating profile. Digital marketing is the same. Many digital marketers want to look slick and post misleading content with big promises they can rarely fulfill. Online audiences don’t want to be misled. They want to see what your business is really about. So, it’s essential to keep it real, every step of the way. 

  • Building trust 

As soon as the right partner shows up, it’s time to build a relationship and enhance trust. In the world of digital marketing, the same goes. Once you’ve found the right strategy and online platform that reaches the right audience, it’s time to build trust. This can be done through regular and consistent marketing and frequent engagement with audiences. 

Building great relationships 

Keep in mind that you want a marketing strategy where you end up with a great relationship with the most suitable audience. So, just like following the right tips and tricks when it comes to dating, you want to approach your digital marketing methods just like you would if you were dating to create a solid, lasting relationship.  Need help with your digital marketing strategy? Talk to the team at Republic Digital Consultancy. We will work with you to find the ideal marketing solution for your business’ needs.

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